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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



    1. Hang mike pence!!! Hang mike pence!!! Hang mike pence they cheered!!!! LOL!!! This is what the poor science denying midwestern relgious kook gets for being big fat failed donnie’s number one boot licker!!!! Sooo much winning mikey!! LOL!!!

  1. Cool story, Bro. A few bad apples ruined it, huh? Wow, that’s the same lame rejected excuse BLM uses! For those trying to find comfort in false equivalency, here’s the difference: BLM is agitating for social change, whereas YOU traveled across the country AT THE PRESIDENT’S INVITATION to a protest – not so coincidentally mere blocks away at the same time from where the electoral votes were being counted – where “an insurrection incited by the President of the United States” (Mitt Romney) took place. You were promised it was “going to be wild” and even *IF* you were only a bystander, your mere presence added weight and legitimacy to the event. Be sure and tell your grandchildren of your enabling role on this proud day.

    1. That’s very one sided Bob but most lib ramble is. Let’s look at this years blm and antifa violence, attacking police and private citizens, burning and damaging private property at a cost of $2 billion, storming police stations and Fed buildings, shopping without money or credit cards. Add it up and what happened in DC doesn’t seem that big. And the only thing missing from the pic of the guy with his feet up on old nancy’s desk would have been him partaking in some of her $12 a pint ice cream.

      1. Your defending seditious murderers is quite telling about you’re serious hatred for what the United States stands for. I’ll donate towards a one way flight to Mother Russia for you.

      2. So by your logic, what has been happening in Portland or where ever you’re referring to, justifies a bunch of Trump extremists’ right to desecrate our Nation’s Capitol and bludgeon to death a Capitol policeman. Nice logic or lack of, that you got going there, Bub. It seems to me it just further confirms that this group of Trump supporters are far worse than they’re counterparts.

  2. not interested in the “some of them are very good people” noise – they are promoting lies and infringing on Americans’ right to elect the president

  3. Haven’t seen much coverage of the 3 days of left-wing rioting from Portland that extended into Thursday with an attack on downtown Tigard. 100 antifa terrorists on their way to take down Tigard’s police station caused extensive damage to public and private property. One arrest, zero news coverage. Now if there would have been some Trump flags involved we’d get national coverage along with outrage from the politicos.

    1. Gee, ONE whole person arrested, that makes this the exact same thing. Explains the thought prosses of the “But what about” deranged mind of a Trump supporter.

  4. Certainly hope Esterman is quarantining and getting a Covid test before he ventures out into the community since he was at a superspreader event.

  5. It appears he’s a City Councilman here in Sisters. I always have a hard time figuring out which box to check when I’m voting for these local positions… but now At least I know whom to vote AGAINST in the next election.

    1. He actually JUST stopped being a Councilman. If you have a hard time figuring out who to vote for, read the packet with their info. Listen to city council meetings or attend them. Google them. Get involved. We have to keep people like this OUT of office.

  6. I’m still tripping that folks think they could take off a few days of work, go do an insurrection, and then fly on home and resume normal life. That’s not happening, my dude. Everyone knows you’re a domestic terrorist now, you might as well try to parlay that into a speaking tour for white supremacists, or become a youtube celebrity for seditionists… something to make you money for a bit before normal people ‘Make Racism Wrong Again’.

      1. He flew all the way over there and went to the rally/capitol, but didn’t participate. Just a picnic and some people singing Kumbaya is all he remembers. Got it.

    1. Along with US Military personnel- American Police Officers- and US Intelligence officials… seems that President Trump has quite the following !

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