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        1. Hey there Nerdo, I will stay here thank you very much. I get my hunting/fishing license for $6 now if that means anything to you. I plan on staying around defending my home state from the likes of you, besides, the whining of your ilk is music to my ears. If you are looking to remove something from a society that takes out the power, get rid of cars as they go through power poles on a monthly basis. For that matter, you need to get rid of barbed wire as well because some kids tossed a roll of it into the transformers at 3rd and Parkway shortly after the road was completed. Keep dumbing things down to the lowest denominator and see what happens because it will not be good. Your grandkids will need to learn to speak Chinese or Russian.

    1. Helium is artificially cheap right now, since the Cold War era strategic reserve that the government decided to sell off is still rippling through the market. Once it’s completely gone and the price of helium rises to its true market value, it’ll be too expensive to use for party balloons.

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