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Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is an anchor and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Lee here.



  1. Merkley that is just pocket change for you clowns in Congress as they are allowing Biden on his path to destroying America. You want to give illegals billions so why not take a few cents and buy a damn ambulance but I know you don’t have a clue Merkley.

  2. Jerkley is trying to get $660K for an ambulance service, and pelosi is getting $200M for a PARK!!! That is how much clout Jerkley has, after all these years in DC.

          1. Surely, you’re kidding, right? That “long list” totals up to around $25M!! That is about 1/8th of what pelosi is getting for her PARK!!!! That is the best our esteemed “senior” representatives can muster? And that is OR’s possible share of the $1.75T to $3T democrats want to spend?!!! That is what we are supposed to be appreciative of? Sorry to see you have such a low bar set for Jerkley and Lyin Wyden…but, it is understandable given their past non-accomplishments.

            BTW – there is a lot of BS in that long list also. Come on…$449,000 for professional learning opportunities in timber design? Someone please watch Jerkley and Lyin Wyden’s accounts for kick-backs!!

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