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A nice, fair day


With a strong low pressure center moving south along the West Coast, we will be left with a pretty fair day. After some morning freezing fog, our daytime highs will rise into the low to mid 40's under mostly sunny skies. If you see any breeze at all, it will be light out of the SE.

Skies will become partly cloudy tonight and we will see lows in the low to mid 20's with a gentle SE breeze.

Wednesday looks to be much the repeat of today. Partly cloudy skies will be accompanied by light SE breezes and highs in the low 40's. We will see some modest warming going into Thursday. Highs will be in the mid 40's under mostly cloudy skies.

Clouds will thicken and we will see a slight chance of rain showers Thursday night. Lows will drop to freezing and a little below, so there will be a slight chance of some snow mixing with the rain.

Our best chance of rain will be Friday and into Friday night. Highs will be in the mid 40's and SW breezes will pick up to 10-15 mph. Friday night's lows will be down to freezing and a little below, so we will see another chance of some snow showers, especially at the upper elevations.

With highs in the low to mid 40's, we will cling to a slight chance of showers through the weekend. This will begin to break up Sunday night and give us a pretty fair day Monday.

In the NewsChannel 21 Weather Center, I'm Bob Shaw...


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