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Central Oregon

NewsChannel 21 talks with participants in recent Prineville protests

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ )-- Black Lives Matter protests in Prineville have sparked more agitation and unrest than any other city in Central Oregon, but participants still say the conversation regarding race is necessary.

Teirra Bilbruck who was born and raised in Prineville in the late '70s. She told NewsChannel 21 that her family and friends still remain in Prineville, and she is still active in the community.

Bilbruck attended the first protest against police brutality in Prineville, almost two weeks ago, and says even though she feels racism is still in the area, she can see the growth in the community.

"I was proud to be there. Prineville doesn't have a lot of people of color," Bilbruck said. "I was proud to show that I am a person of color and that I live there. Even though it's a small town, we're here, and we hear you."'

Bilbruck recently became better-known after an interview she had with the Prineville police chief went viral. Even though there were differing opinions at the protests, she feels it's important the conversation continues, so change can happen.

"In the school system, I would like there to be more mental health for the kids, people they feel they can go to and trust, and go to if something is going on," Bilbruck said.

She also had questions about safety involving the Prineville Police Department and how the officers are being trained when dealing with people of color.

She posed the question of whether officers feel like an incident becomes a crisis when confronting a situation with a person of color. Bilbruck met and continued this discussion with the mayor of Prineville, who she said asked her why the protest have come to Prineville.

"I explained to him why not? We're a small community, but we want a voice, too. We want people to know that people of color, we stand with them."

Terri Stephens shared her opinions with NewsChannel 21 on the protests and actions she's noticed across the nation.

"I think we are supposed to love each other, no matter what color or race or where we are from,' Stephens said. "We are also supposed to respect each other's property as well. I've seen burning of the flags and I think that it is very sad."

Bilbruck says she believes the Prineville protests became aggressive at certain times because people in the area were misinformed.

"Coming from Prineville, I know it was initially because they were nervous. They thought their businesses were going to be harmed and there was a lot of things that were going to happen," Bilbruck said.

"It was more that they were just scared, uninformed. When certain things got out, it made it worse, and trying to explain to them we're peaceful, we are just trying to have our voices heard."

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  1. Like most Oregonians (where the state has an extremely small black population- confined mostly to North Portland)- Prineville residents are by and large color-blind ! Racism is not a day to day issue, problem, or concern.

    So when outside liberal organization from Portland invade the town making false allegations and promoting racial divide (“Black” lives Matters- like others don’t) you can expect a lot of kick-back… and rightfully so !

      1. “What’s the blackest city in Oregon? Portland took the number one over all spot…”

        So what part of- “black population- confined mostly to North Portland”- do you not understand ?

        Here- maybe this will help- From “”

        According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Oregon was:
        White: 84.42%
        Two or more races: 4.74%
        Asian: 4.28%
        Other race: 3.11%
        Black or African American: 1.91%

        Whazzat ? Twice as many Asians than blacks ? ALM Baby !!!

    1. Rumors had circulated there was a threat to their local businesses. And from the folks I’ve met down there most shared the commonalty of not being easily intimidated. So the Anti- American, looting is the new civil right crowd is probably not going to be able to gain much of a foothold. They like others have come to realize democrats don’t give a bleep about law abiding Americans who love their country and freedom, create jobs and prosperity , and respect the police and military.

  2. It’s a beautiful message she shared. I’m not so sure though. I have a friend that lives in Prineville who I respect a lot, but it made me really bummed about how happy he was that the out-of-town protesters got ‘run out of town’. He’s a good christian guy, hopefully his pastor will address racism in a way that touches his heart, because these demonstrations surely did just the opposite. We’re all human beings, and there is literally no difference in our innate moral character just because of the tone of our skin or our height or our religion or our education or anything. We all have exactly the same hopes for happiness and love, and the same potential to be wonderful people if only given the chance and support from friends and family. When you’re born you have no idea of race or gender or class, it’s all learned, and can/should be unlearned. If you hope others will give you a break and forgive your mistakes and look at you as someone of value, then I hope you will return that favor to other people you don’t know and would otherwise be skeptical of. We’re all on this marble, alone, but together.

    1. You seem to see “racists and racism” behind every tree… yet you clearly have no idea what the definitions for either are !

      A simple question about your friend… just what race was he promoting when he said he was happy them out-of-town protesters got ‘run out of town’.

      The vast majority of these protesters were ignorant white folk- laying claim to a cause they know nothing about.

      I too was happy when these loudmouths took their false accusations- high brow attitudes- and constant sneering and got run !

      Just what part of the World would greet these finger-pointin’-arrogant-half-wits- into their community to be lectured on “what you think” ! Anwer- No Where !

      You violate common civility with your bull-horn of lies- you gonna be met at the door- and it won’t be by a “racist” !

      1. Having compassion for other people has everything to do with blm.
        Are you happy going through each day spreading hate and pointing blame?
        Did you misspell localguy by fat-fingering 111 after it, and couldn’t figure out how to fix the mistake, so you just live with localguy111 now because you’re a dolt?

          1. Oh my lord… are you serious? You couldn’t think of some other republican name to gloss yourself? Punisher? TechnoViking? 5.PalmExploding<3Technique?
            Kinda reminds me of the First Baptist Church. How come there's never a Second Baptist Church. They're all the First. Like you. Only you're the Hundred and Eleventh Local Guy. I suppose it's better than being the hundred and twelfth Local Guy though, so congrats on that.

            1. hahahaha you sure are pathetic. wish u simple minded dupes would go back where you came from. you people are the cancer of the country. you ruin every place u go. incapable of any thought of your own. you people should do this country a favor and find a cliff and jump off it like the lemmings that you are

  3. Went to Prineville on Sunday and there were 4 cops in SUVs trying really really aggressively to pull people over. It was obvious and very unprofessional.

  4. She believes the protests became aggressive because counter protesters were misinformed and explaining that they were peaceful? WHAT A LAUGH. It was only the protesters that became aggressive. The protesters were the ones that shoved an old man, blocking traffic and were only ones arrested. Typical leftists blaming someone else for your aggressive behavior.

      1. And yet they are the ones that became aggressive for no reason, becoming physical and blocking the road. Because you have people with different view points is no reason to become aggressive. Why is she lying about who became aggressive? Tolerance is praised by them, yet have no tolerance for those with different views.

        1. Look man, if you’re going to be a snowflake then please be a pretty snowflake. Have you ever seen a macro shot of a snowflake? They’re amazing! Be amazing. Add beauty to the world. Quit crying that the hippies who came to big bad Prineville were threatening and assaulting everyone, it just sounds ridiculous.

  5. People have seemed to forget that the original 2 organizers posted on the “Peaceful” protest page the rules when the rioting and looting started. Also the “wear all black” is threatening in and of itself as that seems to be Antifa’s M.O. In my opinion the very people “counter” protesting would have been on the other side of the street with the BLM .I am all for change and peaceful protesting but when you decide to turn it into a media circus of mid representation and half truths by both sides nothing good will come of it. I hope and pray both side can meet on the sidewalk and talk like rational adults on both sides.

    1. “People have seemed to forget”…

      All about Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Orders forbidding large group gatherings like we saw in Bend- and Prineville.

      The Oregon Supreme Court recently upheld Brown’s “Laws”- which are punishable of up to $14,,000 fines… So why are her Laws now not being enforced- is the “Global Pandemic” over- has she declared an official end to house arrest- economic suicide- ignorance of basic american civil Liberties ? I’ve not heard an announcement… So…

      Why aren’t regional LE arresting these people for clearly violating Kate Brown’s laws ?

      Since when do liberal idealogues decide what state laws they will follow and which they will violate ?

  6. wow everyone should know what the nwo agenda is by now 🤦🏾‍♂️ its obvious they are using the easily manipulated Democratic citizens to beg for it. harry Kissinger predicts whats going on now 30 years ago… “why act like youre not” what??

          1. to be fair , the term “conspiracy theory ” was created by the CIA. the purpose was of the term was to dismiss the truth about whats happening behind closed doors. they also created a bunch of “conspiracy theories ” that are a load of crap to get mixed in with the truth so that the truth will be easily dismissed. im sure this is way over your head being that your a wrestling fan. truth is the news stations (cnn affiliates)are owned by one person.and the wwf is about as real as those news stations. the leaders of the nwo haven’t been hiding it anymore for the last 15 years or so. they know the vast majority of the people in this country are to stupid and gullible to do anything about it. they are pretty upfront these day. everything they want and predicted over 30yrs ago is happening right now. but i dont expect anything from you other than some brain dead snarky comments. you people are comfortably asleep.

            1. Yeah, OK. The Illuminati have been plotting for over 200 years along with the Rockefellers and Rothchilds. UN Agenda 21 is apparently a year away. Chemtrails are real and 9/11 was an inside job. Better get some new material.

  7. Hello all. I am a long time local in prineville of 33 years. I have friends of many different races, colors, religions and political affiliations. I have never seen or heard of racial problems in prineville until this protest was brought here. I had black friends that went to school here and grew up here and never had issues that I know of. The problem we have with this is we dont tell Bend locals or Redmond what to do or how to live, and we cirtainly dont tell Portland locals how to live and what to do. The two “locals” who started all of this have made numerous posts about involving rose city antifa and people from Portland, and have posted rules for rioting. This is unacceptable, we dont want our peaceful community being turned upside down. This is promoting nothing but division in our community. bringing outsiders here for the purpose of promoting an issue, that quite frankly is not an issue.

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