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Crook County sheriff’s deputy on leave after fatal shooting in Juniper Canyon

Road where fatal officer-involved shooting occurred
Road where fatal officer-involved shooting occurred

(Update: Sheriff confirms fatal shooting; details given by homeowner, property resident)

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Crook County sheriff’s deputy apparently shot and killed a man in the Juniper Canyon area south of Prineville Friday afternoon. Sheriff John Gautney released limited details Saturday, including that the deputy has been placed on leave as Oregon State Police and the district attorney’s office lead the resulting investigation, but two area residents offered more details of what transpired.

The officer-involved shooting was reported around 1:40 p.m. in the 2300 block of Southeast Maphet Road.

In a brief news release, Gautney said the “deputy was involved in a use of force situation in which another individual was shot.”

“Immediate medical aid was rendered by deputies that arrived on the scene, however, that person succumbed to their wounds,” the sheriff said. “The involved deputy has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard protocol any time deadly force is used.”

The Central Oregon Major Incident Team is investigating the incident, led by OSP, in conjunction with the DA’s office, Gautney said.

The investigation closed Maphet Road for several hours.

“This is a very difficult time for all involved, and the Crook County Sheriff’s Office extends heartfelt condolences to families and friends of all involved,” the sheriff said.

NewsChannel 21 spoke Saturday with a homeowner on Maphet Road who said the man who was fatally shot had been staying on his property in recent weeks. Richard Brenner said Nicholas Rodin of Madras, who was about 35, was engaged to his niece, who is living there and expecting with their child this spring.

“He went for a walk down the road to the mailboxes and back, talking to (a female friend) on his cellphone,” in an audio chat on Facebook, Brenner said. “Right in the middle of talking to him, she hears a ‘bam!’ ..  and he says, ‘I’ve been shot!”

Brenner said Rodin had a warrant for a probation violation, which he believes led to the confrontation. “My understanding is, the police officer said ‘lay down on the ground’ – he said no, and (was shot) right after that.”

“Nick’s a neat freak – he’s not going to lay down on the dirty road,” Brenner said. “He was a really nice guy. He wasn’t a threat or danger to anybody.”

Rodney Silvey, who also lives on Brenner's property, said Rodin was "never armed" and that earlier Friday, "he (Rodin) was happy, in a good mood, going down to get a ride to work." He said Rodin picked up odd jobs and worked for his father.

Rodin pleaded guilty in 2014 to second-degree assault in an assault with a mop wringer on a fellow inmate at the Jefferson County Jail, where he was held on drug-related charges. He was sentenced to nearly 6 years in state prison.

The sheriff said any further information would come from the district attorney’s office, which has not responded to phone or email requests for further details.

Dan Wendel from the Oregon Department of Justice is serving as acting DA until Gov. Kate Brown appoints a successor to Wade Whiting, who has moved on to a new position as Crook-Jefferson County judge.

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Barney Lerten

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      1. Juniper Acres off Willard Rd, Cascade Way is the dirt road leading into an off the grid community. Juniper Canyon is just a few miles outside Prineville and is filled with ranchettes. Small acre ranches. Certainly not anarchy central there. Juniper acres however. The jury is still deliberating on that community.

        1. Portland has 650,000 people.
          Maybe 12 of them are anarchist.

          Juniper Canyon has a population of around 12.
          And yes rural eastern Oregons are anarchists, or at least anti regulations.

          1. From the example we see in Portland, the anarchists want to defund and disband the police. There are not many folks who agree with that in Eastern Oregon or Central Oregon.

          2. 10-4 on that—Crook Counties population is 24,000 vs Multnomah @ 824,000 and can nearly match them for gun kooks, flat earthers, and people who believe Trump is POTUS

      1. Over 91% of the statistics you read on comment boards on the internet are completely fabricated and not backed up by anything more than baseless conjecture.

    1. i dont understand y the officer is not in custedy like eny body else sould be regardles if cop our not he should be held in custedy same as eny ether citzen would i new nick and he was z neat freek and ill bet he was wareing varry nice clean close and obvisly if walking on gravel road with phone he wasent running and his hsnds visable sher sounds fishy and im thinking just buy what iv read officer going to git away with merder i hope its not the case nick may have made few mistakes when he was yunger dosent give excuse to kill him

    1. Thanks to Google maps thing I didn’t know juniper canyon had their own baptist church. My mom lives next to someone the cops are very familiar with in prineville and I told her well if you need them for anything just say you live next to so and so

    2. there are “no threats to the community.”

      Thats all you really need to know bud. I’m sure theres a very good reason for not releasing any other information during an investigation.

      1. The Sheriff’s department wants us to hear “there’s no threats to the community.”

        Meaning keep calm & ‘keep spending your money, & continue going to work’

        Doesn’t mean more community members aren’t going to be killed by sheriff deputies.

        1. The part ‘they’ didn’t say out loud? ‘There’s no threat to the community because we have identified the killer by the name on his sheriff’s badge’? I will admit this is a surprise. Our sheriff’s department has always been known for being the ‘better half’ of local law enforcement in Crooked County? It is a shame for all involved, family as well as LEO.

        1. I agree since when do they shoot on the absconding warrant probation even not even parole the shoots county I witnessed six months ago for an absconding warrant had a standoff for almost 9 hours use grenades smoke bombs a whole bit for an abstounding warrant not checking in with your PO just saying

  1. Why do I feel duped by click-bait on this ? Not sure how this was anything more than “there’s evil outside your door- film at 11” ! Where’s the update ???

    1. Clickbait articles somehow help generate income for sites. The more clicks in an article to get to information in a story the more revenue. Barney is citing false ulterior motives being sad fact of life but no details has been provided in this story.

      1. We don’t have a “clickbait” policy – that is the blamers and haters doing their thing, which media has to live with as a “sad fact of life.” It’s like the sad, usually untrue “fake news” label. Says more about the folks who use it to dismiss real info.

        1. It’s not as bad as other times in the past. There’s been over 10 clickbait articles per story years ago. So your saying the stories are coming from people who hate the media but believe people are clamoring for their stories? 😧

        2. Not being critical of KTVZ, but am wondering why media reports all make such a big deal over the officer being on paid leave after a fatality? After hearing this 10,000 times the public is pretty well aware that’s standard procedure so it doesn’t seem newsworthy

  2. Ktvz why even report this now? You have no info about what is going on. You just want to report fear of the unknown. Maybe have a little banner for news story still developing. This is why I come on here is to hold your little so-called news organization accountable.

      1. Sad but true and they post everywhere. The Clownkeepers are all over this and spewing the same garbage they did with the Ian Cranston case. Its so sad how foolishly ignorant they make themselves look.

            1. Well if a drug dealer who got 6 more years for assaulting a fellow prisoner qualifies as a “nice person” in Juniper Canyon, that suggests it is indeed Anarchy Central

          1. It took 24 hours to tell us the police shot someone- somebody- no further details ? Like a name- the situation that led to the shooting- a possible crime in progress ??? We always have these details within hours- this one already stinks of a cover up.

            1. Instead of whining, why don’t you just head on down to the Sheriff’s Office and ask them yourself? Tell them you just want to be sure this isn’t a cover up and I’m sure they’ll be happy to give you all the details and answer all your questions.

            2. BGHW ~ Are you familiar with the fact that when a person dies (regardless of cause) there is a notification process. Family (parents) etc?

              And just why are you so toxic? Why not find another news source? Clearly you don’t like this one.

              Run along now ~ to FOX news and get your happy fix.

              1. If he wants me to allow him to attack law enforcement with claims of a “cover-up,” he has to let others criticize him for making that claim – that’s equal treatment. But he will claim otherwise, and maybe when he does, I will go back and review whether to let him voice such an allegation in the first place.

              2. Don’t like the man in the oval office right now either… should I just go out and find another ? Damn- people- “think” before pushing “send” !

  3. I don’t know anything other than what is in this article and I don’t like the cops telling me what to do anymore than the next guy but if you have a warrant and are approached by the cops and they tell you to lay down you lay down.
    Very sad for his family and unborn child. Pretty dumb.

    1. Good advice. We shouldn’t need to fear death for simply not doing exactly as a cop commands.

      It’s also quite likely things didn’t go exactly as presented. There is still a lot of evidence to be presented.

      If the cop is out of line, you still do what they say, and live to fight another day……legally.

    2. “That” remains in question- was the guy approached from the front- or from behind ? So much info missing- it’s hard to say what really happened… give it two months and lots of handwashing- I’m sure we’ll hear a completely different version of events.

  4. You always notice a pattern to these rural area killings, the department withholds information until they all have their stories straight and then the so-called Central Oregon Major Incident Team is investigating the incident, led by OSP, in conjunction with the DA’s office.

    All three of these agencies play for the same team so there’s little chance of an objective investigation – predictably the finding is always no wrong-doing and justified.

    I’m not saying there was any wrongdoing in this particular case, but we’ve had people die mysteriously in our little county and the acting corner was the Sheriff himself. The fact is that if you find yourself on the, “wrong side” of law enforcement out in these parts, mysterious and unfortunate things can happen to people and if and when people end up dead, it’s the same good ‘ol boy team, i.e. the OSP, the local bought off DA and the Sheriff which are all buddies.

    You will notice out in rural Oregon that there are rarely every wrongful killings by law enforcement whereas in Portland and the bigger cities there numerous wrongful actions and killings by police found quite regularly.

    Out in rural Oregon though, these good ol’ boys haven’t ever met an unjustified killing, they are always deemed justified.

      1. Everything he said is true. In Wyoming where it’s all good Ole boys the cops get away with whatever they want. Including murder and near deadly assaults. There’s a reason the police have fought long and hard to not wear cameras

  5. *Please use this comment, typos corrected*

    CardiacSpike, that’s always the case, isn’t it? I’ve yet to see a law enforcement involved killing that didn’t suggest ‘they had it coming’, and then the inevitable character assassinations come and it’s all but decided that the police did society a favor. This is a tried and true way of demonizing anyone law enforcement kills, in essence, trying the deceased in the court of public opinion. It’s the boilerplate response to all police-involved killings, smear the dead and move on. Same thing happened with Breonna Taylor, they police tried saying the boyfriend was a drug dealer and therefore despite the police having raided the wrong home – it’s deemed okay because the guy was a quote, “drug dealing loser.’ This isn’t the way to conduct proper investigations though, but there’s always people such as yourself who have never met a police-involved unjustified killing. Many people such as yourself also hide their closeted racism in these statements. It’s why there is so much discord in this country, one side gets a virtual license to kill and is rarely held accountable when they cross the line, and the other side which can never seem to get justice based on their ethnicity or societal strata. Poor people can’t afford high-dollar lawyers, law enforcement however get the best legal representation Police Union money can buy.

  6. whew. Not sure how much of this comment thread and the accusations will withstand scrutiny. But people have always made judgments based on what info is public about the person, as well as incomplete early investigation , social media has just made it easier to spread far and wide. The paper talked to a half-brother, some similar info.

  7. The one thing that jumps out at me, and, which is confusing in the article is: how many officers were there to serve the warrant? There is mention of multiple officers tending to the guy after he got shot, but not how many officers were there during the initial contact. I cannot imagine you would serve a warrant on a guy with his criminal record with just one officer. That said, unless the guy had a gun, multiple officers could have taken him down without shooting him. That seems to be crucial to what the investigation concludes.

    1. The multiple officers rendering raid probably rushed to the scene after a “shots fired!” call. Of course those details are under investigation and they won’t be saying more for a while, as most people would expect (to protect the investigation, not as law enforcement critics would claim “to all get their stories straight.”)

      1. That’s the implication. But, I stand by my original point. Trying to arrest this guy with just one deputy is asking for trouble. Also, there are not that many DCSO deputies out there at any given time, and for several of them to respond to render medical aid would be like 10-15 minutes.

  8. Just another example of a LEO making a poor decision to put himself in a position where deadly force is used. Shooting an unarmed man for a probation violation is uncalled for. There should have been at least 2 officers involved based on the subject’s background.

      1. When did the laws change to having a warrent. Carries a death sentence??????????? Regardless of what his past may be anyone can change so for anyone to say it’s okay because he has stuff in his past is insane. Also if you think for one min. The cop is with in the boundries of the law I encourage you to look up forced. Situation then let’s talk again

  9. It is sad when someone loses their life. It is also sad to see them live a life of crime. Interesting to look up Richard Brenner, the property owner and “character” witness, in this report. The property where this occurred apparently has quite a past. Mr Brenner and others were arrested in 2002 during a drug raid, and he was charged with manufacturing and possession of a controlled substance. The article states that the property is well known to police for drugs for at least 10 years before that. Knowing this history, I certainly don’t blame the LEOs for being on high alert when dealing with any calls to the property. This is taken from the article: “I don’t believe a week in jail will change them from doing what they do best. These are repeat offenders, some of them have been doing this for years.”
    Richard Brenner is a good example, Bush said. “When I first became a cop, during the first year I was here we executed a search warrant at the Maphet Road house. It was the same address, only then Brenner was living in the house, not in the fifth-wheel out back. That was about 10 years ago.”

      1. What did you folks ask him about that he didn’t refuse to comment on? If those things were germane to your conversation with the gentleman, were they not germane to the article?

        1. Not sure what you are saying. We don’t post verbatim transcripts, we exercise editorial judgment on big issues and small, of course, because that’s our job. And we try hard to be sensitive to family/friends’ pain when we talk with people, as most would expect. Law enforcement are doing their own investigation.

          1. When one user on here last year said he had family member who was vaccinated and still got the virus and passed from it you doubted that his loved one did

            1. I hopefully would not have been that brusque. I did probably say that if we had any area doctor confirming someone died FROM the virus it would be big news. More general and an effort to be sensitive to any specifics, like here.

    1. Funny that you should start character assassinating everybody anybody talks about to deal with this case other than the cops which tells me obviously well we know and why would it matter what somebody did 40 years ago I believe that’s how long ago Mister Brenner had a record with the police and like I said people can change and for those people of you haven’t already learned in life if you’re judgmental eventually do to get a chance to walk in that person’s shoes do people that live in Glass Houses should not throw stones for anybody who believes that because somebody has broken the law in their past or even recently that they’re not credible that they’re lying look on your computer and look up police brutality and then come back on here and tell me how because then people on those movies and in those clips tell me how they lied how could they do be lying the proof is in the pudding beer you should not be so judgemental

    2. First thing first is that the event in question never happened at that address to begin with!! So….Who are you to judge? Who was the sheriff who shot my husband to judge him because he lived on that road? I would suggest that you don’t talk about things if you really have no idea what you’re talking about to begin with.

  10. I stand by my comment that shooting someone for a probation violation is uncalled for. However, I wonder if we will ever find out what really went down. One deputy and a dead guy are the only witnesses. Will KTVZ ever follow up?

    1. We talked today with a woman on the phone (Facebook messenger audio) at the time, just ran a story at 6, will be posting much of what she told us. There will be follow-ups by all local media I’m assured, as there are all officer-involved shootings. But investigators don’t put out a lot of info immediately.

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