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Oregon lawmakers welcome USFS air tanker contracts

Air tanker retardant drop
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Air tanker retardant drop on wildfire

WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley and Rep. Greg Walden welcomed news Tuesday that the Forest Service has awarded ”call when needed” contracts to providers of wildfire-fighting large air tankers.

In a September 2019 letter to Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen, the Oregon lawmakers had pressed the Forest Service to award the contracts, which had been issued for solicitation back in July 2018.

CWN awards allow the Forest Service to put approved aircraft into service when those aircraft are needed, and do not require the Forest Service to pay for those aircraft when they are not needed.

“Oregonians need the broadest possible range of options when it comes to fighting wildfires that threaten their lives, homes and businesses,” Wyden said. “These contracts will help the Forest Service fight fires more effectively by providing access to next-generation large air tankers at lower rates, saving money as well for taxpayers.”

“Every Oregonian has experienced the consequences of wildfires, from the damage to our farms and forests to the dense blankets of smoke compromising our health,” said Merkley. “That’s why my colleagues and I urged the Forest Service to approve the use of large air tankers to help our state stay safe in the face of dangerous blazes. I’m pleased that they agreed, and will continue to do everything I can to secure the resources Oregonians need for wildfire season.”

“Oregonians have had enough of smoke and wildfires. These contracts for large air tankers will help ensure the Forest Service has additional tools to combat and contain these fires,” Walden said. “I applaud the Trump Administration for hearing the concerns of rural Oregon and prioritizing not only important assets like air tankers for fighting these fires, but also using the new forest management tools we provided to take action to prevent fires.

"This is all welcome progress, but we have more work to do. I will continue to work with the Trump Administration and my colleagues to reduce the threat and effects of wildfire to our forests and communities. "

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  1. This is a good thing but the big question is, why the hell didn’t you clowns
    do this several years ago ? It’s not like the big air tankers are something they
    just came out with this year. They’ve been around awhile and other states were smart
    enough to implement their use, but not Oregon… Instead they played games and made up
    excuses about why we weren’t using them in Oregon, as they sat and watched our forests burn.
    So spare us the b.s about how concerned you are and how hard you are working. Idiots…

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