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Lee Anderson

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  1. Liberals don’t want to work and the rest of us suffer. To much free money given to freeloaders by kate and joe caused this! No sympathy from me!

      1. I agree. Government policies have made it easier to sit at home then work. I don’t necessarily blame people as much as government policies. But, it certainly seems like this nation is losing its work ethic, it independent personality and turning away from what made us great.

        1. Making a blanket statement, “government policies have made it easier to sit at home then (sp) work”, does not make an argument. You need to state what government policies make it easier to sit at home than work. PLease, show your work.

      2. Ugh, agree, whatever happened to working hard to support yourself and community. That mindset has long been lost. I’d much rather have these endless checks go to the small business and those who actually have jobs. You don’t have a job, you don’t get the free money. First of all, you’d print a fraction of the money, and you’d promote those who are trying to make ends meet. You don’t have a job time to start looking for a nice box to live in outside central Oregon. There is plenty of jobs out there for those who try to get one – no excuses.

      1. You obviously have not tried to hire anyone lately. Every employer I have spoken to is blaming the government for paying people not to work as the reason they cannot get enough employees. Paying people not to work is certainly not considered a “conservative” concept. Therefore the lack of employees is tied not to conservative ideals, but indeed “liberal”. Why in the world do you think “liberals” want to spend $3.5 Trillion dollars and even other liberals are calling them out on this? The lack of people willing to work is due to “liberal” programs even if some conservatives are taking advantage of the liberal programs. One conservative accountant from California told me that he was trying to get any Covid based funding he could even though his business has not been affected negatively by Covid. His logic was “If I am going to have to pay for it anyway, I may as well get as much as I can.” So he is a conservative, legally taking advantage of liberal programs to give money to people even when it is not needed.

        1. Maybe these employers don’t know what they’re talking about. Labor is a limited resource as much as anything else is. Nobody is entitled to it just because they want to run a business.

        2. ROTFLMAO!!! Apparently the 80 BILLION taxpayer dollars your big fat failed and fired dear leader had dole out to midwestern farmers NOT to grow crops during his totally failed and disastrous, but “good and easy to win” trade war with China was conservative though!!! Sooooooo much losing for the poor trump borg.

          1. you enjoying paying 3X at the pump now under Talibiden? Grandpa can barely form a sentence.
            but at least he can’t figure out how to use twitter.

    1. This was a problem long before covid and Joe Biden was president. This sector in Bend was already struggling. I’ve waited tables in this community for over 10 years. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? It’s not easy and good workers are hard to come by. Conservatives raise kids with poor work ethic, just like liberals. I also wonder how anyone can survive in this community making a server/cook wages. Which can be lucrative but very inconsistent.

      1. I wonder at this point if restaurants aren’t in the process of largely going away. As you said the work is hard and the pay is lousy, and even with low pay, as a business they struggle with low profitability. If they raise the wages to a decent amount, then most people wouldn’t want to pay the prices they’d have to charge. Maybe in the future we’ll be left with fancy high-end places that cater to the affluent, fast food joints, and low-overhead food carts.

    2. Aren’t conservatives supposed to be pro business especially small business? You would like to see this business fail for little fault of its own? (if the labor shortage as the main reason is true) Are you pro business but only for certain kinds of business?

      What if the cost of living in Bend had something to do with it or that restaurant workers are at a higher risk during the pandemic because of the amount of public exposure and maybe that is stressful? Would you take a job like that if someone offered you as much or a bit more than you make at your current job? (assuming you are employed) I would think one of the perks of restaurant work for a gregarious person would be social aspect of it but now that part is problematical.

  2. On another note to my previous response – Very sad to see Kababa closing. This is such a great restaurant that we visit regularly. It’s always packed, which shows there is a strong following. I wish the unemployed would step up, march into this great establishment (and others across Central Oregon) and get a job and keep our community thriving. There are no excuses at this point – just do it, and be a part of this community or leave and collect your free handouts elsewhere, this community is not for you.

    1. Have you considered that there simply might not be enough unemployed people to fill the positions? Plus there are unemployed people who can’t afford to live near these jobs, nor pay for the gas to drive into Bend daily from cheaper locations.

      1. Today, the unemployment rate is 4.4%, let’s say there is a very round number of 100,000 people in Bend, which makes 4,400 people who could use a job. I’m not an argumentative type, or make a point kind of guy either, I just know there are a lot of people sitting around that could keep out of trouble if they would make an honest living. Sure kitchen work is tough, but if you give pride in the work you do, and keep an open mind, it could also be very rewarding. That’s all. 🙂

      1. LOL – only one way to find out, go have yourself a delicious lunch/dinner before they close their doors. Sure it’s easier to just assume you won’t like it, but it’s a whole lot more credible to give honest, and objective feedback on how the restaurant is. You’ve got a few more days my friend, I’ll certainly visit one last time before they close their doors. If anything, not sure how adventurous you are, but get a pile of Pita, and their hummus and go to town, though their other offerings are incredible too!

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