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Police: Fatal NE Portland shooting sparked by confrontation between armed homeowner, protesters

Portland police at scene of shooting Saturday night in which 1 person was killed, 5 wounded
Portland police at scene of shooting Saturday night in which 1 person was killed, 5 wounded

Separately, one killed in SW Portland officer-involved shooting

(Update: New police info)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – One person was killed and five others were wounded in a shooting in northeast Portland Saturday night, sparked by a confrontation between an armed homeowner and armed protesters -- about 90 minutes after another person died in a southwest Portland officer-involved shooting, police said.

North Precinct officers responded shortly after 8 p.m. to a shooting call near the intersection of Northeast 55th Avenue and Hassalo Street, near Normandale Park in the Rose City Park neighborhood, officers said.

Officers arrived to find a female victim who was deceased. Five other shooting victims, two men and three women, were taken to area hospitals; police said late Saturday night their status was unknown.

Portland police issued this update Sunday afternoon:

"A preliminary investigation into the February 19, 2022 shooting near the intersection of Northeast 55th Avenue and Northeast Hassalo Street indicates this incident started with a confrontation between an armed homeowner and armed protesters.

"The scene was extremely chaotic, and a number of witnesses were uncooperative with responding officers. Most people on scene left without talking to police.

"Detectives believe a large number of people either witnessed what happened, or recorded the incident as it unfolded. This is a very complicated incident, and investigators are trying to put this puzzle together without having all the pieces. Detectives ask that anyone with information or video please contact Detective Scott Broughton at (503) 823-3774 or Detective Rico Beniga at or 503-823-0457. The case number is 22-47502.

Two suspects are in custody, according to Portland Police, KPTV reported

Streets in the area were closed as homicide detectives responded to investigate. Police said the victim’s identity and cause of death will be determined by the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office.

The Oregonian/Oregonian Live reported Saturday night's shooting came as demonstrators gathered at Normandale Park for a march seeking justice for Amir Locke, Patrick Kimmons “and all others,” according to a graphic promoting the demonstration on social media.

Locke, a 22-year-old Black man, was fatally shot Feb. 2 by Minneapolis police serving a search warrant. Kimmons, a 27-year-old Black man, was fatally shot by Portland police in 2018. A grand jury convened after Kimmons’ death found no criminal wrongdoing by the two officers involved.

And it wasn’t the only fatal shooting of the night. An officer-involved shooting occurred in southwest Portland after officers were dispatched to a disturbance call on SW Broadway Drive around 6:40 p.m. Saturday and learned on the way shots had been fired. The officer-involved shooting occurred during the investigation and while the subject died at the scene, police said no officers were hurt.

Saturday's deadly shootings came less than 48 hours after Portland police reported responding to six shootings in a nine-hour span.

It's part of an ongoing wave of Portland gun violence. Prior to this weekend, 15 people had been killed in Portland homicides in 2022, 14 in shootings.

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        1. if it was your ‘right winger’ shooter fantasy this quote from the articel would not exist: “The scene was extremely chaotic, and a number of witnesses were uncooperative with responding officers. Most people on scene left without talking to police.”

          1. Listen, one of those shot gave a statement already and it was published in The NY Times. She was wearing a GoPro that was confiscated by PBB as evidence. Chud approaches and begins shooting after calling them terrorists, he was also shot and survived.

    1. Meanwhile in real news and not the lame stream media it was actually antifa is antitha protesting terrorists. Their protests are always violent. It’s not protest really, but more like terrorist attacks.

  1. Huh, guess this is becoming the norm. Guess one could just say to see comments on yesterday’s shooting in Portland of 6. It’s not getting better. Time to vote red.

      1. “The scene was extremely chaotic, and a number of witnesses were uncooperative with responding officers. Most people on scene left without talking to police.

        1. People left because, hey there was a crazy chud with a gun. I’d leave too. And people who organize a March to protest police aren’t about to then cooperate with the police.

      1. Portland’s luck didn’t run out. It’s bad luck was bought and paid for by the Democrat Party and it’s voters. Mayor Wheeler was allowing Antifa to run the city until they began protesting outside his apartment and he had to leave.

    1. It was a nice city only for a few decades. In the 1970’s and before, it was a rough, gritty, economically depressed place. It seems like now it’s just reverting to its former self, after a brief respite.

  2. There it is again “gun violence” – those darn guns running around shooting people!

    This issue will never be solved until it is acknowledged that “people violence” is the real problem.

      1. A political city leadership that actually punished crime would help a lot. Look at what the democrats are for. Destruction of the family. Aborting babies. Defunding police. Releasing criminals. Legalize illegal activities. No bail. AND where there is bail, like that attempted murder of a Jewish man by a BLM democrat activist is paid for by the BLM bail funds. Why would anyone really worry about crime in a democrat stronghold?

        1. Hard to say since I wasn’t there but it was either the neighbor or someone at the park getting ready for the protest. Either way in your mind it was whoever is the liberal no matter what. Not that you secretly hate liberals or anything like that.

    1. If only hunting would yield similar results as guns shooting people and for that matter how that ford explorer mowed down the Christmas parade. I could just go camping, set my rifle out, come back a few hours later and harvest the animal. But for some reason I always have to be holding the rifle, hunt the animal down hiking up and down hills, aim, hold steady and pull the trigger smoothly.

  3. I’m confused why do many people blame democratic ran states for their issues with crime. Especially, considering the stats of states in the south, etc. even the pockets of California where strict Republican voting has always been the norm, the crime rates are higher then the rest of the state. Crime is complicated. I hate that Oregon has become lax on punishing criminals but to blame it entirely on democratic policies isnt factual. Even left leaning prosecutors weren’t happy with Kate Brown for letting murderers out of prison, strictly because they were juveniles when convicted.

      1. Speaking of the need to check facts. Violent crimes per 100,000 people in 2020: Oregon 2.6% increase, Texas 6.6% increase (plus the largest percentage year-over-year increase in murders ever), Oklahoma 6.2% increase, Georgia 17.4% increase. Arkansas 14.9% increase, Missouri 9.6% increase…shall we go on? The states with the highest murder rates are consistently red states. Zero evidence 2021 statistics will be any different once released. The myth that red states are safer than blue states is just that, a myth.

    1. If only we could harness the enormous stupidity of anti-gun arguments like this one, we could power our state and be free of electric bills. Show me one gun law that has worked . . . Why is it that you think criminals or people (ANTIFA) with evil intent, will be stopped by a gun law?

      1. Glad you asked for examples of meaningful gun laws working. Australia’s 1996 legislation and New Zealand’s 2019 legislation were both booming successes in ending mass shootings and sharply reducing gun crimes

  4. It’s so sad that there is so much distrust of the police that no witnesses are willing to talk with them. Very few shootings/murders ever get solved because people refuse to identify the perps so the cycle keeps repeating itself. These things will continue to plague the BIPOC communities until they want to stop it.

  5. Well this is interesting. It appears armed antifa thugs charged the hangout of the Gypsy Joker biker gang. If that is the case it would seem a case of self defense against armed antifa thugs. But I doubt we will ever know.

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