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C.O. Women’s March moves to Redmond

This year's march begins Saturday morning at 10:30 at Centennial Park.


KTVZ News Team



        1. Please link to PP guys “gassing” (prison term) throwing human waste at people and polluting ventilation systems with butyl acetate to stop speech they don’t like. I’d love to read up on it.

            1. No mention of filling bottles and balloons with human waste. And good riddance for him and his riotous goons. It would be great to see the same applied to our beloved antifa thugs.

              1. actual events that have happened right in your own back yard – you really have to acquire some faith in things you can actually experience instead of believing all these things you haven’t experienced that someone is feeding you to make you paranoid

      1. Joe, really, get a grip – you only believe that you are under siege – it’s not real – you will have to learn to trust in the things that you have actually experienced and forget about all this crazy paranoia stuff you are being fed – seriously, you are doing yourself damage – try unplugging for a while

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