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New Bend Chipotle targets summer opening

Bend's second Chipotle is scheduled to open this summer. The new restaurant, with a drive-thru, is located on the north side of Bend near Robal Road and Highway 97, not far from Cracker Barrel and Chick-Fil-A, among other businesses. 

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      1. Barney, if you think you can “eat healthy” at Cracker Barrel you really need to educate yourself on the definition of the word healthy. You have no clue what you are talking about in terms of nutrition or health when it comes to food. Also, the words “tasty” and “healthy” are not the same and you’ve clearly confused the two.

        1. I had some nice trout there, they have a variety of fish meals, not all encrusted or deep fried I promise. You can eat healthy or unhealthy just about anywhere – it’s all about choices. To each his or her own. BTW, I still use MyFitnessPal to log everything I eat, and despite some age-related maladies, my doc for the past few years has said “keep up the good work” – not bad for mid-60s;-)

          1. We still haven’t tried Cracker Barrel or Chick-fil-A but will eventually.
            I’ve been fishing for trout for probably 45 years but never did care for them.
            I don’t dislike it but never got overly enthused about them. I’ve have never tried
            it in a restaurant, but I know a lot of people that really do like trout.
            I usually release most of them but always keep some for friends and neighbors
            and they are always happy to get some.
            Kokanee on the other hand are totally different. Those are great fish fried,
            baked or smoked.

      2. I was the first person to be served a meal there and will not go back. I don’t like most corporate restaurants and I don’t like the food there. I admit to being a snob, but my mother was a chef, so I am.

  1. Remember in 2015 when they had the E-Coli lettuce recall?

    The Chipotle on 3rd when right on merrily serving food with lettuce scraps on the counter. I asked why no lettuce and they lied and said “we ran out”. I found out later taht night (after I had eaten) about the recall. They didn’t even bother to clean up properly, let alone warn me.

    Haven’t been back since, I don’t need to Chipotle my pants!

  2. more places to consume – Bend really is paradise – look at all the aggressive commentary this sort of announcement elicits – what a hoot!

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