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‘Reawaken America Tour’ stop moved from Redmond fairgrounds to Salem church

The ThriveTime Show

A stop on the 'Reawaken America Tour' that was scheduled for the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond in early April, with speakers including General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, has been moved to The River Church in Salem.

A ticket-seller for The ThriveTime Show told NewsChannel 21 it was "because they were going to require masks and stuff like that" at Redmond, but event organizer and conservative podcast host Clay Clark said "I've never talked to anyone who required masks."

"I do all the events at churches," he said, and the fairgrounds had been chosen because "I couldn't find a church yet … I don't want to have it anywhere but a church. I don't like government. I'm a libertarian. … My events are more parallel to a Billy Graham revival."

Clark said they need a church with at least 3,000 seats for their gatherings. He also said they state up front having a no-refund, no-transfer policy for event tickets "because I'm in charge. I'm a capitalist." Only if someone didn't understand that policy can they get a refund, he said.

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  1. Well, Putting on Q Festivals is one way to make a living. It isn’t like there will be a lack of customers, because as PT Barnum once implied, there’s one born every minute.

    1. Trudat!!! Trump kooks will believe and do anything big fat failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake tells them to!! They pay for his failed lawsuits over and over while he makes up more “I’m the poor failed victim” conspiracy excuses for his complete failure. This is what they call “freedom”!!! Soooooo much losing for the trump Borg!!!

  2. How utterly shameless these right-wing extremists are. They’ll only use churches as their venues, and openly admit to being money-grabbing Capitalists. Maybe they should read the bible, and they could learn something:
    Matthew 19:24
    Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.
    The modern Republican party is an embarrassment to our country.

    1. Better to hold it closer to Portland and Eugene where people might show up to protest and generate some headlines. Not enough friction in Redmond. Bet the guy who showed up at the July 4 parade in a Confederate uniform is bummed, though.

    1. Let’s see here… poor grammar, check. Misspelled words, check. Support for literal criminals, traitors to the country and conspiracy theorists, check. We have here a typical fascist right-wing extremist here!!
      You’re welcome back to reality whenever you want to stop consuming the domestic-terrorist propaganda.

    2. Do you read any articles or just come here to be a MAGA troll? This little rally wasn’t banned in Deschutes, they didn’t want to wear masks and preferred to hold it in a church. 🙄

  3. One, they are issuing refunds.
    Two, this could have brought the county some much needed hotel, restaurant and other income. Just because you do not agree with the viewpoints of those coming and those watching it, does not mean you have the right to bash those who do.
    I am SICK AND TIRED of people calling others horrible names and disgusting comments about I hope you die! That is INAPPROPRIATE and not acceptable behavior for anyone. Have we all gone back to high school and those of you who cannot accept that there are others in the world with opinions different from your own? You all have reverted back to being BULLIES.
    Time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

    1. The organizer told me they are only offering refunds for those who didn’t understand the statement when tickets are sold of no refunds.
      We don’t allow folks to say “I hope you die.” Please point to such comments here and we will delete them.

      1. There arent any such comments. this is just more “I’m a victim” mentality by another over entitled so called conservative.
        You cant swing a dead cat around here without hitting one.
        Shout out to Samuel Clemmens.

  4. “The Peacekeeper research team received a tip that the Washington Post was researching a story about Deschutes County government officials promising Roger Stone and Michael Flynn that, if they held an event in Redmond, they would not have to worry about mask laws. We followed up and submitted a request for public records. We here at Peacekeepers are constantly amazed by the willingness of far right extremists to do their crimes right out in the open, because the emails spell out their criminal conspiracy in detail.
    A man named Troy Smith (who is apparently working as a go between coordinating the “Reawaken America Tour” and the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center) explicitly states that he has spoken to County Commissioners Adair and Debone, as well as to Sheriff Shane Nelson. He claims that all three assured him that mask laws will not be enforced for the event. That email was forwarded to both Geoff Hinds (Executive Director for the Fair and Expo Center) as well as Roxia Todoroff (Director of Sales and Marketing). Neither pushed back in any way, and they proceeded to walk the event organizers through the process of signing their contract”

  5. I’m very glad this event has moved to Salem, don’t care that Trump lovers got bilked out of their hard-earned money, I’m just glad this sickening hate-fest won’t be in Redmond.

  6. What Jesus would not say….

    “Clark said they need a church with at least 3,000 seats for their gatherings. He also said they state up front having a no-refund, no-transfer policy for event tickets “because I’m in charge. I’m a capitalist.”

    Or because the faith in Christianity requires a hefty amount of gullibility?

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